The expansive catalog of music by Mason Williams is presented here alphabetically.

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Song Title Category Date Written Coauthor
A Major Thang Country Song 11/1/68 none
All the Time Pop Song 10/9/65 none
Almost Comedy Bit 2/2/66 Warren Baker/Ken Fritz
Amberwren Folk Ballad 3/17/63 none
Ammonia, Ammonia, Ammonia Them Song 8/23/64 Melody: Mexican Hat Dance (Traditional)
Amphibians One
and All
Navy Song 8/8/64 (Melody?)
Amphibious Assault Narrative 9/12/62 Musical setting by Charles R. Grean
Amphibious Squadron FIVE Navy Song 2/2/62 Melody: Blow Ye Winds in the Morning (Traditional)
Away in C Major Christmas Carol Parody 12/1/84 Melody: Away in A Manger (Traditional)
Lyric by Mason, Art Maddox, Amy Windus, Billy Burke
Ballad of the Military Lovers, The Navy Song 10/10/62 Melody: Marine's Hymn) Lyric by Mason Williams
Ballad of Vice-Adm. Howard A. "Red" Yeager, The Navy Song 2/14/62 Melody: Rebel Soldier
Lyric by Mason Williams
Banjo Hello, The Folk Instrumental 3/29/63 none
Banks of the Dee, The Folk/River Song 1775 (Traditional) Arrangement by Mason Williams & Art Maddox
Baroque-A-Nova Pop Instrumental 9/1/67 Allen Blye
Beautiful Blue Danube, The Classical River Music 1867 Joann Strauss - Arrangement by Mason Williams & Art Maddox
Beside the Fire . . Words by Steve Keith
Ballad of Big Beauty, The Folk/Art Song 2/2/63 none
Birth, Death & the River unfinished sketch 7/12/86 none
Blackberry Blossom Folk Instrumental 7/1/73 (Traditional)
Bomp Song Pop Instrumental 12/12/66 Nancy Ames
Brandy Wine Blues Folk/Pop Song 10/25/61 none
Bucko's Memoirs Country Song 11/1/68 none
California Gold Folk/Pop Song 7/4/60 none
Chico Hot Springs Mexican Waltz Instrumental 1/1/82 none
Christmas Goodies Christmas Carol Parody 12/20/95 Melody: Hark the Herald Angels Sing - Parody lyric by Mason Williams & Jim Bartz
Cinderella Rockefella Pop Song/Duet 11/20/66 Nancy Ames
Classical Gas Pop Instrumental 8/1/67 none
Common Ground (Fettucini Western) Classical Spanish Guitar Instrumental 10/21/90 none
Concerto for Love Pop Instrumental 11/7/63 none
Country Idyll Country/ Classical Crossover Instrumental 1/24/86 none
Coventry Carol Christmas Instrumental 11/7/63 (Traditional) Guitar Arrangement by Mason Williams, Orchestra Arrangment by Art Maddox
Cowboy Buckaroo(s) Country Song 4/7/68 none
Cripple Creek Folk/River Song 1800's (Traditional) Arrangement by Mason Williams
Crown of Sorrow Folk Song Verse 5/13/62 (Traditional)
CRUDESPAC Song Navy Song 3/28/62 Melody: "Bound for South Australia" (Traditional sea shanty)
Cruel Willie Classical Tone Poem 10/16/90 Uses fiddler, Howdy Forrester's version of "Bonapart's Retreat"
D-Run Ditty Country Instrumental 2/6/85 none
Dancing Distance, The Pop Song 7/16/65 Lyric by John Stewart, Music by Mason Williams
De Boatman Dance Folk/River Song 1843 Daniel Emmett/Arrangement by Mason Williams & Art Maddox
Deep River Negro Spiritual 1800's (Traditional) Arrangement by Art Maddox
Destinations of the Sun Pop Samba 8/1/02 Music: Samba Beach, Lyric by Mason Williams & Karen Dunlop
Dinkin' Around Pop Song/Duet 10/9/65 none
Dirty Old Government Town Navy Song 8/18/62 Melody: "Acres of Clams" (Traditional)
Disco Head Comedy Disco Song 1/1/82 Music & Lyric by Mason Williams, Art Maddox, Rebecca Hall, Doc Schwebke
Doot-Doot Pop Instrumental 4/1/82 Art Maddox
Dylan Thomas Them Song 6/10/63 Melody: London Bridge (Traditional)
Eddie I'm Ready
(for Love)
Pop 50's Song 12/16/83 none
Them Ever-Lovin' Endeavorin' Lovers Pop Song Experiment 4/19/66 none
Exciting Accident, The Pop/Art Song 4/24/65 none
First Summer Love Pop Song 7/2/61 none
Flamenco Lingo Flamenco Guitar Instrumental 9/21/63 none
Fog Bound Country Comedy Song 11/21/93 none
Forest Lawn Country Comedy Song 8/30/64 Melody: Dear John
Fresh Fish Bluegrass Instrumental 11/1/73 Steve Keith
Friend Song, The Folk/Pop Song 4/18/64 none
Generatah-Oscillatah Pop Synth Instrumental 1/2/67 Nancy Ames
Gift of Song, A Folk/Pop Song 12/11/63 Music & lyric by Patti Ingalls, Guitar Arrangement by Mason Williams
Girl with the Golden Hair, The Folk Song 12/1/62 none
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Christmas Instrumental 12/1/84 (Traditional) Arrangement by Mason Williams & Art Maddox
Godsend Pop Spiritual Song 9/1/71 none
Going Home Song Folk Sailor Song 5/18/62 none
Gold Hunters, The Folk/Pop Song 6/28/61 none
Good Friend Song, The Folk/Pop Song 4/18/64 none
Good Ship Paul Revere, The Navy Song 7/1/85 none
Greensleeves Folk Guitar Instrumental 1/1/69 (Traditional) Mason Williams arrangement for Guitar
Guitar Carol Classical Guitar Instrumental 5/11/90 none
Gyspy Noodle Pop Guitar Instrumental Duet 6/1/71 none
Hate Song Navy Song 1/26/63 none
Helicopter Rescue Ballad Navy Song 1/12/62 Melody?
Here Am I Pop/Art Song 4/5/65 none
Here I Am Again Country Song - none
Homeland of the Free Navy Song 10/31/62 none
Honey Miss Me While I'm Gone Folk/Pop Song 11/17/62 none
Honey Sun Man Pop Song 9/26/65 none
I Ache, Therefore I Am Country Song 8/1/02 Music: Country Idyll Lyric by Mason Williams & Karen Dunlop
I Love You Little Girl Pop Song 1/18/65 none
I'm Just A Poor Sailor Navy Song 9/28/62 none
If I Had a Ship Folk/Pop Song 1/20/63 none
In Honor Of... Classical Processional 6/24/89 Orchestra Arrangement by Art Maddox
Instrumental #1 Pop Instrumental 12/4/66 Nancy Ames
Italian Art Song, The Pop Comedy Song 8/23/64 none
J. Edgar Swoop Talking Blues 11/4/63 none
Jose's Piece Pop Instrumental 4/1/69 none
Joy to the World Christmas Hymn 12/13/90 (Traditional) Arrangement by Mason Williams & Art Maddox
Jump, The Pop Song 1/2/67 Nancy Ames
Katydid's Ditty Classical Guitar Instrumental 6/1/71 none
Knight, The Folk/Pop Song 5/6/62 Music by Mason Williams, from Dostoevsky's "The Idiot"
La Chanson de Claudine Pop Guitar Instrumental 11/28/68 none
Largo Deluxe Pop Guitar Instrumental 1/1/71 none
Last Great Waltz, The Pop Comedy Art Song 11/25/64 none
Legman Pop Comedy Song 5/7/66 none
Life Song Them Song 7/7/64 none
Life Song #2 Pop Art Poem 9/25/65 none
Linda Crest Lament Pop Instrumental 11/1/66 Nancy Ames?
London Love Pop Instrumental 11/7/63 none
Long Time Blues Pop Song 3/19/64 none
Love Are Wine Pop Comedy Song 3/7/66 none
Love Song Folk/Pop Song 3/6/63 none
Love'll Come A-tricklin Down Folk Spiritual 11/4/64 Mason wrote the 3 verses for Glen Yarbourgh recording
Mary-O Folk Calypso Song 11/1/60 none
Maura Pop Love Ballad 2/28/65 none
McCall Country Guitar Instrumental 1/1/82 none
Mistletoe Moustache Christmas Folk Instrumental 1/24/92 none
My Forever Is You Pop Love Ballad 7/17/64 none
Nooner Tune Pop Instrumental 10/1/76 none
Now That I've Found You Pop Love Ballad 11/12/62 none
OCU Song, The Folk Protest Song 9/29/63 Melody?
Ode to a Triangle Them Poem 7/1/64 none
Oklahoma Folk/Pop Song 7/16/62 none
One Minute Commercial Pop Instrumental 7/6/68 none
Other Side, The Folk Guitar Song 4/29/63 none
Piano Song Them Song 7/10/64 none
Pink Flamingo Mandolins Folk Instrumental 5/9/84 none
Popular Song Pop Comedy Art Song 1/9/65 none
Prince's Panties, The Pop Comedy Art Song 11/25/64 none
Pump-Handle Dancin' Country Instrumental Duet 12/30/92 none
P.E. Bandit Pop Comedy Song 11/11/70 none
Put On Song Them Song 7/22/64 none
Quick Sex Song Them Song 7/10/64 none
Ration Dense Song, The Navy Song 3/17/62 Melody: The Frozen Logger (Traditional)
Raggaenomics Reggae Song 5/8/63 none
Riding the Low Moon Folk Guitar Instrumental 6/12/90 none
River Song Folk/Pop Song 3/9/63 none
Road Song Folk/Pop Song 10/5/63 none
Robert Kerr-Plunk Folk/Children's Song 12/31/62 none
Rose of Agony Country Song 6/17/63 none
Run, Come See Folk Song 9/5/60 (Traditional) Arrangement by Mason Williams, Baxter Taylor, Bill Cheatwood
Samba Beach Pop Instrumental 3/1/83 none
San Diego Song Pop Song 1/10/63 none
Santa Fe Souvenir Folk Mexican Instrumental 3/10/91 none
Santa's Holiday Christmas Calypso Instrumental 12/18/91 none
Saturday Night at the World Pop Song 9/13/65 none
Saturday Night Banjo Folk Song 6/20/63 (Traditional) Arrangement by Mason Williams
Self Song Folk/Pop Song - none
Shady Dell Folk Scotch/Irish Instrumental 9/16/84 none
She's Gone Away Pop Song Sixteen Tunes Country Parody
Skippin' Along on Top Bluegrass Comedy Song Snipe Hunt Pop Song
Song for Victoria Pop Song Square Dance Call Folk Art Poem
Stopover Classical Tone Poem Sunflower Pop Instrumental
Sun Song Pop Song Sunflower Pop Instrumental
Super Sailor Navy Song 6/26/62 Melody: The MTA
Sweet Illusion Suite Pop Song Medley - none
Tattoo Song, The Them Song 9/12/64 none
Telegram Song, The Country Comedy Song 4/13/66 none
Them Ash Flickers Them Poem 2/16/63 none
Them Banjo Pickers Them Poem 12/15/62 none
Them Beaver Cleavers Folk Poem 11/25/63 none
Them Dog Kickers Folk Poem 2/16/63 none
Them Doodle Dashers Folk Poem 9/13/63 none
Them Duck Pluckers Folk Poem 2/4/64 none
Them Ewe Doers Folk Poem 1/19/64 none
Them Finger... Folk Poem 2/1/63 none
Them Hog Liver Likers Folk Poem 4/16/64 none
Them Hors D'Oeuvres Folk Poem 12/1/63 none
Them Lunch Toters Folk Poem 2/5/64 none
Them Moose Goosers Folk Poem 2/5/64 none
Them Owl Fowlers Folk Poem 2/1/64 none
Them Poems Them Poems Collection of, 12/15/62 none
Them Sand Pickers Folk Poem 12/15/62 none
Them Songs
"Life" & "Uh"
Them Poems Collection of, 7/7/64 none
Them Sportscarers Folk Poem 4/11/63 none
Them Stamp Lickers Folk Poem 2/17/63 none
Them Sticker Gitters Folk Poem 2/27/63 none
Them Surf Serfs Folk Poem 2/18/64 none
Them Toad Suckers Folk Poem 3/12/63 none
Them Tummy Gummers Folk Poem 4/19/64 none
Them War Mongers Folk Poem 5/9/63 none
Them Whisker Flickers Folk Poem 2/17/63 none
Them Yodel Yellers Folk Poem 10/21/90 none
Theme & Variations Pop Instrumental 1/17/61 none
They Are Gone Pop Song 7/26/64 none
Thirteen Dollar Stella Folk Guitar Instrumental 9/17/62 none
Three Song, The Folk/Pop Song 12/1/63 none
Time & Chance Pop Song 11/6/65 none
Time Song Them Song 7/10/64 none
Tom's Tune Pop Song 1/2/67 none
Tomato Vendetta, The Pop Art Song 11/26/64 none
Tosadnessday Folk/Pop Song 7/10/64 none
Trade Winds Pop Instrumental 10/1/83 none
Train of Thought Classical Tone Poem - none
Train Ride in G Folk Guitar Instrumental 12/12/67 none
Train Ride in G Classical Tone Poem - none
Travelin' the Blues Folk/Pop Song 8/14/62 none
Two Melodies Folk Instrumental - none
Vancouver Island Pop Instrumental 2/1/82 none
The Virgin Mary Christmas Folk Instrumental 4/2/92 (Traditional) Arrangement by Mason Williams, Rick Cunha & Art Maddox
Visual Song #1 Pop/Art Song 4/13/65 none
Wanderlove Folk/Pop Song 3/6/63 none
Water is Wide, The Folk Song - Arrangement by Mason Williams
Wayfarer, The Folk/Pop Song 11/1/60 none
We Love Us Folk Comedy Song 3/20/65 none
Wedding Song Classical Instrumental 4/22/61 none
Weed Song Them Song 7/10/64 none
What Tune Is This? Christmas Carol 10/6/92 Music: Greensleeves (Traditional) Arrangement by Mason Williams, Al Capps, Michael Preddy
Whistle! Hear! Pop Art Song 6/27/66 none
Whistlin', Hummin', Singin' Folk/Pop Song 8/7/62 none
Weirdos After Midnight Pop/Rock Comedy Song 12/1/82 none
Winds of Sorrow Folk/Pop Song 5/30/62 none
Write of Songs, The Pop Comdy Song 6/1/65 none
Yes, I Can Feel It Pop Song 6/28/64 none
Yesterday's Star Pop Song 1/9/65 none
You Done Stomped On My Heart Country Comedy Song 11/19/63 none
Yodeling In the Valley Country Comedy Song - none