Classical Gas
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Concert Information & Performance History
Mason plays a variety of types of concerts, each of which can be performed by Mason & Friends alone, or with a symphony orchestra. Each show is described in detail.

"Of Time & Rivers Flowing"

"A Gift of Song" Holiday Concert

Bluegrassical Gas

Mason Williams & Friends Popular Music

Complete and with all the details! A chronological listing of every album Mason has ever recording and released. Includes players, song lists and availability.

Musical Compositions
Explore the variety and uniqueness of Mason Williams musical compositions. Includes selected sound clips and notes.

Books by Mason Williams
Although Mason is ever-popular for his music, his sense of humor and insights are brought out as much or more in his writing. Here we present a complete listing of books by Mason Williams with pictures, contents, quotes, as well as some special notes and thoughts from Mason himself.

Television/Comedy Writing
Mason Williams' television and comedy writing career is legendary in and of itself. Variety shows, festivals, Saturday Night Live and of course, The Smothers Brothers Brothers Comedy Hour all showcase Mason's unique brand of wit and humor.

Art Projects
For Mason, his art projects have been a wonderful creative outlet. He continually challenges perceptions, preconceptions and presumptions!