Zoe McCulloch
In 2005, Mason recorded and released Electrical Gas with UK guitarist Zoe McCulloch. For more information, visit www.zoemcculloch.com or www.electricalgas.com
Eric Hamilton

Eric has collaborated extensively with Mason, producing four CD releases - Eric Hamilton plays Mason Williams - Music for Guitar and Orchestra (2005), EP 2003 Music for the Epicurean Harkener (2004 Grammy nominated album), the publication with accompanying CD Classical Gas - the Music of Mason Williams (Warner Bros. Music™) where Eric's work is featured on seven of the tracks and his solo release with chamber orchestra, Music from the Great Hall (1999). Visit Eric's site at http://erichamiltonmusic.tripod.com/

"A good friend and an amazing player who has... recorded a wonderful... album of my tunes... this was an amazing project... beautiful music... phenomenal guitar playing."   Mason Williams

Eric and Mason



Craig Einhorn

Mason performed last fall with Northwest guitarist, Craig Einhorn. Mason also played on Craig's album, OBRAS. You can find out more about Craig at www.efn.org/~einhorn/.


Classical Guitarist Craig Einhorn has a CD titled, "Obras." For the past few years Craig Einhorn has been collaborating with Mason, who is featured as a special guest performer and composer on the album. In addition he has performed instrumental compositions by Mason Williams with several orchestras.

John Doan
John Doan is one of the few masters of the rare twenty-string harp guitar, has performed with a diverse range of artists including pop star Donovan, folk legend Burl Ives, jazz ace Larry Carlton, as a member of the New Christy Minstrels with Randy Sparks, among others and his virtuoso playing and arranging has attracted praise from no less a guitar luminary than Chet Atkins. John did Mason the honor of performing at his wedding to Karen Dunlop. He is a wonderful musician and a good friend of Mason's. For more on John, visit www.johndoan.com. john doan harp